The technical infrastructure of Cyclists’ Transport Map was formed by BUP. It’s data, on the other hand, is voluntarily formed and is still being developed by BUP followers all over Turkey.

Map’s content consists of bike lanes not only in Istanbul but all over Turkey, bicycle-friendly enterprises, bike rental points, risky crenels, bike parking lots, bicycle repairers and municipal smart bike stations.

The map was developed to function as a practical solution tool for any cyclist having trouble on bike. For instance, the application plots the nearest repairer’s location on the map and shows it’s contact details. It’s possible to get the map through bisikletliulasim.com. The map application, which was developed both for Android and IOS, in a short time became prominent as “featured” in Apple shop among latest applications. It’s possible for contributors to transmit data for selected category to BUP following the instructions and using “send data” link on the map. BUP shortly adds the related data to the map. Currently, cyclists all over Turkey are continuing to send data and the content is enriched day by day. Through the application, BUP is helping people who use bicycle as a mode of transport have an easier life on bike.

Note that: iOS App is having difficult time and it’s not working & hopefully will be back soon.