About BUP

Cyclists’ Transport Platform (BUP) is an independent, activist and volunteer bicycle collective without any commercial or political purpose, which is open to anyone who support cyclists’ transport. The main objective of BUP is to draw attention to cyclists’ transport, to support people who use bicycle as their primary mode of urban travel and to make public utilities and municipal corporations attach particular importance to bicycle within the scope of their urban transportation policies.

BUP works with the principle of volunteriness embracing a motto as “the meeting point of people who use bicycle as their primary mode of transportation and the ones who support bicycle transportation”.

BUP aims at disseminating the idea that bicycle is a medium of transport and can be used as a transportation vehicle among the largest segment of society as possible and creating awareness accordingly. Lots of people with various professions from different segments of society participate the events organized in order to accomplish this objective. Through these events BUP also point out that bicycle, which is a universal means of transport representing freedom, is something more than childhood years’ fun tool and can be used for various purposes, particularly transportation. Thus, BUP is supported by people from all strata and ages.

The group, who initially got together around the motto of “Lay Claim to the Bike Lane”, declared the foundation of BUP in December 2013. Thereafter, lots of events and protests were organized in a wider perspective.