Since it is founded in December 2013, BUP organizes ‘awareness tours’ in various regions of Istanbul. Throughout these tours, bicycle is used within the fluent traffic in main streets which has intense foot and vehicle traffic density. While setting the course before every tour, the group pays special attention to this criteria. 200-300 people in average participate in awareness tours who enjoy existing in the traffic as a crowded cyclists group. From time to time families also participate. We try to point out that cyclists exist and have rights in the traffic, using whistles, bells and slogans.

In January 2014, BUP made its first protest at Söğütlüçeşme Metrobus Station with the demand that the ‘extra charge for bicycles in public transportation’ and also ‘the ban on bicycles in public transportation at noon’ are removed.

Since then it has been making various protests and events as ‘Stop Cyclists’ Deaths’ protests to draw attention to cyclists’ deaths in traffic; ‘We Are Also in the Traffic’ events that aim to remind car drivers of the cyclists’ rights in traffic; ‘Sticker Warning’ protests against drivers that park their cars on bicycle roads; ‘Road Painting’ activities to draw attention to the importance of bicycle roads.

Defending the fact that cyclists also have the right to speak and discuss, BUP has organized the first cycling forums in Turkey and supported the first organization of Cyclehack in Turkey.

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